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1.  Promoting Amputees Life Skills(PALS) is an educational program designed for people with limb loss to help them learn skills that will improve their quality of life.

2. Health Care Providers Programme
Designed to provide continuing education to meet the needs of professionals who provide care for people with limb loss. Topics include: amputation surgery, rehabilitation, psychosocial issues, and prosthetics.

3. Youth Activities Programme
Has now expanded to address a wide-range of issues concerning young amputees. From health & fitness events to peer networking programs, the AAI's YAP aims to instill hope in young amputees and inspire them to dream beyond their disability.

4. Advocacy
AAI works to improve access to care, choice of practitioners and reimbursement for needed sources and prosthetic devices.

5.  Outreach
This outreach effort is designed to educate and partner with allied healthcare organizations and
nonprofits that serve the amputee community. Through these partnerships, AAI strives to reach a greater number of amputees and provide our members with more resources and information about new technologies and professional services. By reaching out to the healthcare professionals who serve our members, AAI hopes to increase awareness of consumer issues and to bridge the gap in communications providers and the end user.

6. Provides amputees with access to the latest technologies, peer support, healthcare education and physical fitness and rehabilitation training

7. Support Groups
AAI encourages amputees to meet new people whose situations are similar and get involved in sports, outreach, and community projects through affiliation with local support groups.

Please watch AAI and The Asian Foundation for Help (London)'s combined initiative "ADOPT A PATIENT" held on 16th Dec, 2008 on YouTube.
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